My wife Angel turned into a 30 year old today. The Bible clearly states that I am now free to trade her in for a newer (super) model. Finally!

Here are my requirements.

1 – Must be willing to be poor.

2 – Must get excited at the thought of celebrating a birthday by eating Taco Bell and watching ‘How It’s Made’.

3 – Must be extremely attractive.

4 – Must think I’m funny while be funnier than me.

5 – Must pretend to understand my crippling fear of dropping an uncontrollable deuce in the car on the way to work every morning. (For more info click here)

6 – Must like guys with gigantic moles on their faces.

7 – Must be a serious Cardinals fan.

And those are just off the top of my head.

I’m a lucky guy. Few guys get to marry a girl who is funny, smart, and foxy. And of the few who do, even fewer get to keep her for very long. Angel and I have been together for almost fourteen years. That’s a miracle. I mean it. It really is.

When I told Riley that we were having Taco Bell to celebrate mommy’s birthday he said ” Yay! Because when we eat Taco Bell our poo poo is really soft. Yay!”