I had a bit of a milestone in my life today.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have these awful, brown stains on my front teeth. I don’t know what they’re from but I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.

I was never all that self conscious about them until about six or seven years ago when The Drew Johnson Band made an appearance on channel five. I watched the tape of that with some friends and acquaintances and one person said to me something like “Dude, what is going on with your front teeth?” From that moment on I became acutely aware of those stains on my teeth.

I was going to dig up some pictures to show the stains but I’m too tired to go digging right now and the other thing is that I have very few pictures where I’m showing my teeth because I hate them.

The thing that is such a bummer about having those stains is that I actually have extremely straight teeth. Dentists always ask me if I wore braces as a kid but I didn’t.

So on to the whole¬†point. Today I went to a new dentists. Angel’s dentist. I’ve been griping about mine for years and Angel finally talked me into making the switch. I went in for a basic new patient check-up sort of thing. He asked me “Are you happy with the appearance of these front teeth?” He knew there was an obvious answer to that question. Then he said “I think I can fix that.”

Within sixty seconds he handed me a mirror and asked “Is that better?” They were gone! I wanted to cry. I, like, totally wanted to kiss him right on the lips. I couldn’t believe it. He said “That’s on the house.”

Basically all he did was to grind off the very outer layer of enamel from those teeth and the gunk came off with it.

There is still plenty of whitening to be done because I was a smoker for many years but now at least there’s hope and I’m not afraid to smile any more.

Good day.