I’ve been in full obsess mode for the past few days. This is apparent from the fact that my desk is completely covered in food wrappers, empty coffee cups, and scribbled-on sheet music.

I’m working on writing and arranging the parts for a nine piece string section that will be in a song called The Groom and the Bride. This is by far the most epic sounding tune I’ve ever written and to say that I’ve bitten off more than I have the education to chew would be a gross understatement.

The process of arranging the strings is melting my brain. Did you know that the viola is written in the alto clef? Did you know there was such a thing as an alto clef? Yeah, me either. That is one of many puzzling things I’ve come across while trying to organize this mess.

One of the main things that scares me to death about writing string parts is that I don’t know anything about orchestral instruments. I just have to trust that when my orchestral software¬†tells me that the viola can’t go lower than C3 that that’s actually true. ¬†

I worry that my string parts won’t make any sense to real string players. Like if someone were to hand me the music for a guitar part and everything was played one note at a time on the low E string I would know that this person was utterly clueless about guitar. That’s what I’m afraid will happen to me when I hand these charts to the string section.