Big weekend coming up. Tomorrow night I’m going to see a reunion show of Dino‘s very first band, The Hype. I think it’s been twenty years since that band was formed. Fifteen maybe? Ten? I don’t remember. Anyway, the show marks some anniversary of the band’s forming or first show or something like that. I’m very excited to see them play. They will be playing a bunch of 80’s covers and I can’t think of many things that I enjoy more than 80’s covers. That was not¬†facetious.

They’ll be playing at Helen Fitzgerald’s from 6:00 to 8:30 so come on out because I’m going by myelf and I hate that.

Then Saturday night Angel and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary by having dinner at The Melting Pot. ¬†We did the same thing last year and I liked the food so much that we decided we’d do it every year. I don’t think anybody will be getting any tattoos this time but you never know.

After dinner we’re heading to the saddest fun show you could ever want to see. The Maxtone Four will be playing their final show and they’ve asked me to sing on a couple of tunes so that should be a blast.

So lots of milestones this weekend. You should come to one of them. Let me suggest that you not choose our anniversary dinner.