Notice anything strange about our tree? Like, how it’s half gone?

I got up this morning and let Lilly out to do her business while I was getting ready for work. Well, apparently Lilly’s business is now the tree trimming business. When I went to let her inside I noticed that she had been kind enough to do a little pruning of the new tree.

So we went to Wal Mart tonight and bought this little decorative fence to keep her out. How is a tiny little fence going to deter a giant dog? you ask. Here’s how. Before we installed the fence Angel suggested we use a technique she learned when she was anĀ interrogator for the CIA. We all chased Lilly around the yard with pieces of the fence banging them together and scaring Lilly within an inch of her tree-trimming life. After she was convinced that the fence was thoroughly set on her demise we put the fence in. Dog traumatized. Problem solved.