OK who’s ready for another barf story?

A couple of nights ago I went to bed a bit earlier than usual so Angel stayed up messing around on her computer. Lilly was laying in the bed when I got there so I let her stay. A few minutes after I turned off the light she started heaving like she was trying to throw up. So I jumped up, turned the light on and began violently coaxing her off the bed.

Removing a one hundred twenty pound dog from the bed is no walk in the park. Especially one who is currently kind of in the middle of something. So she heaved and I heaved and she heaved and I heaved until I finally got her onto the floor. As soon as her feet hit the carpet she birthed an alien right out of her mouth before my very eyes.

I stood there stunned at the sight of it. Then I ran to the top of the basement step and called down to Angel “Uhhhh, you’re gonna wanna come see this.”

Angel is the designated barf cleaner upper so she reluctantly came upstairs to see the new addition to our family.

She walked into the bedroom and instead of naming the little one like I had expected, she said “What is that?” I was hoping she could tell me.

So she grabbed a bunch of paper towels and picked up the thing to examine it and see if it would cry. Upon closer inspection she said “Well, let’s see, there’s a rubber-band, a tampon applicator, a pantiliner, a Pudding Pop wrapper, some hair and some of the grilled chicken we had for dinner.”

I’ll take the credit for the chicken but everything else came from the little trash can we keep in the bathroom.

We have a very smart dog.

Lilly feels much better now.