When I recently learned that Fab Five Freddie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I was elated. This is a pioneering moment in music history. Finally we can all celebrate a man known neither for his Rock nor his Roll as he has summited the great mountain.

I now know that there truly is hope of Ricky Scaggs finally receiving the Source Award he so well deserves. And I shall continue to hold my breath knowing that Martina Navratilova still has a chance of winning the Cy Young award.

Rock and Roll in all its rebelliousness has finally aimed its rebellion at its own temple. How much more rebellious can you get than to recognize a Hip Hop artist as one of the all time greatest Rock and Roll artists? That, my friend, is Rock and Roll.

I found it strangely fitting that Eddie Van Halen couldn’t make it to his own induction ceremony because he was in rehab. That’s, somehow, almost too perfect.