It’s been almost two years since I’ve posted anything. That seems hard to believe. Well, to catch you up, the past twenty-one months have been the most grueling that I have ever experienced. If I told you everything that has happened you wouldn’t believe me. So I won’t.

Some of the new music I have is not actually new at all. I went into the studio to start working on three of these songs back in March of 2009. For about two years after that I worked on them off and on, recording in the studio and here at the house then finally mixing and mastering them here. After that they have just been sitting on my computer collecting dust.

At first I thought I would eventually get a whole album’s worth of material together and release it on iTunes but that never really came about. So instead of just continuing to keep these songs to myself I thought I’d just give them away here.

The first song is “Written for You”

Drums: Joe Meyer
Bass: Eric Grossman
All other noises: Me
Produced by Drew Johnson and Jacob Detering

Written for You wav file
Written for You mp3 file

Next is “Wait Child Wait”

Drums: Joe Meyer
Bass: Bruce Crask
Piano: Jeff Lehman
Misc: Me
Produced by Drew Johnson and Jacob Detering

Wait Child Wait wav file
Wait Child Wait mp3 file

This last one is my Magnum Opus of sorts. You may not think it’s very good but at least it’s really huge. It’s called “The Groom and the Bride.”

Drums: Joe Meyer
Bass: Eric Grossman
Ad Nauseam: Me
Produced by Drew Johnson and Jacob Detering

The Groom and the Bride wav file
The Groom and the Bride mp3 file

The next two are relatively recent. I have over the past couple of years become very interested in traditional hymn writing and wanted to see if I could do it. I wrote a hymn called “Could I Recount My Great Transgressions.” I recorded a short demo for the folks in our church choir and that’s what this is.

There is a phrase in the refrain that is in Latin. On the demo I sing “Sola Christe.” After I recorded it I was told that the correct phrase for this context should be “Solus Christus.” I didn’t bother with changing it in the demo so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Could I Recount My Great Transgressions mp3 file

This last one is pretty interesting I think. I’m pretty fond of it. It is written loosely in the style of the Genevan Psalter where the words of the Psalms were put to music. The music from the Genevan Psalter is an acquired taste to say the least. Here is my attempt.

By the way, I wish that I had left the organ out of this mix. It just kinds of bugs me but my studio computer is on the blink so I can’t go back and re-mix it at this time.

Psalm 38 demo mp3 file

I hope you like ’em.