Fifteen years ago this month The Drew Johnson Band began tracking our album Invention of the Wheel. To celebrate that event, I have remixed the song Fall Fights.

On one hand I am very proud of what we as a band accomplished. On the other hand I am very embarrassed about how I failed as an audio engineer.

Of all the songs on that album I think that Fall Fights is particularly bad as far as the engineering/mixing goes. I could go on and on about how many problems there are with that mix.

I decided to dig out the original tracks to Fall Fights and start a new mix from scratch. I have been seriously studying mix engineering for the past few years and doing a lot of it. I know a lot of tricks and techniques now that I didn’t know back then.

This new mix is how I was hoping it would end up sounding when we were tracking it. Hopefully I have redeemed myself to some extent.

Fall Fights (2015) wav mp3

Here is the original version in case you’ve forgotten how it sounds.