I was listening to NPR today and there was a big discussion about The Secret. I haven’t read it. I have watched the trailer however. I spit up in my mouth a little but other than that it had a few good laughs in it.

The Secret has inspired me to write my own self-help book. I will release it for free on my website just like I do everything else that may some day potentially make me wealthy had I not released it for free on my website. Not only that, I am going to write it right here, right now before your very eyes.

Chapter 1 – Just stop! It’s easy right?

– Stop smoking.

– Stop drinking.

– Lay of the caffeine.

– Eat less fast food.

– Exercise a little you bum.

– Say please.

– Say thank you.

– Be nice.

– Pretend everything will be OK as long as you stay positive.

– Learn to manipulate people. (OK I stole that one from Carnegie)

– Find a job that you would do for free except have them pay you lots to do it.

– Get out of debt.

– Stop cheating on your spouse.

Chapter 2 – Happy yet?!?

Chapter 3 – How ’bout now?

Chapter 4 – The Secretest Secret to ever Secrete.

– None of this will bring you peace. Not lasting peace. Not eternal peace.

The End

You’re welcome.

If you’re looking for a way to pay me for this wealth of information, I need this, this, and this.

I’ve heard Christians say there’s no peace outside of God. These are people who have obviously never washed down a Xanax with a glass of wine and watched the sun set while sitting by the ocean. But it’s hard to keep that up for a lifetime. In fact, it’s hard to keep that up for more than a few hours. Expensive too.

It’s been almost a year since I became a Christian. I can vouch for God’s peace. I can’t explain it, but it’s real.

I look at life through the window of music. I’ve always defined myself by my music. So when I think of peace I think of it first in terms of who I am now as a musician as opposed to who I was a year ago as a musician. The outward differences are obvious. This time last year I was in (what I think was) one of the best bands around. Now I play acoustic guitar in a worship band at a small community church. But here’s the difference that may not seem so obvious. I no longer feel the need to make you love me with my music. I don’t hate myself for being a financial failure with my music. I am no longer obsessed with proving my self worth by getting a record deal.

I am genuinly ecstatic  about what is happening in my worship band. I have found my purpose.

Come check it out some time.