Sometimes you don’t realize how great your stolen software is until you try and use the junk you actually paid for. Tonight I started working on a demo for a cool gospel tune I wrote based around Philippians 3:10,11. Cakewalk 9 is total junk. Now I remember why I always felt so tempted to slit my wrists during the making of Invention of the Wheel and the Six Comforts project. This is the clunkiest program I’ve ever seen. It says it will do 24-bit recording but it lies. This makes it utterly useless to me…well…almost…but utterly useless just sounds so much more dramatic than almost utterly useless.

I also dug out my old Boss DR-660 drum machine. That’s the one that makes all your songs sound like Fine Young Cannibals. She drives me crazy indeed. I used to use this awesome little drum machine program called Beatcraft but it was stolen too. Sigh.