If I remember right, this face was most often associated with a bowel movement.

From sometime in 2002 until about four months ago I was addicted to video games hard core. My drug of choice was Unreal Tournament 2003, which gave way to Unreal Tournament 2004. I just found a screen shot of one of the maps (or levels) I designed for UT2003. I spent about six weeks working on this stupid thing. The name of the map was -AiA-Anointed. AiA was the clan (or team, for those of you who have a life) I was in at the time. AiA stood for Another Intimidating Acronym, one of the greatest clan names ever thanks to yours truly.

I also found this picture of a Photoshop project I was working on that never got finished. This is probably  four or five years old. This was going to be some sort of website interface if I remember right. It’s kind of cool I think.

What is this? Show and tell?