I Want to Know Christ – Full Demo

June 11th, 2007 |

We played my new song at church last night for the first time. It went really well. We started learning it in practice yesterday afternoon and everybody but me seemed to think it would be a good idea to go ahead and play it in the service. Now I’m glad we did.

The song has so much more energy when it’s played live than it does in the demo. I’ve found it hard to get a drum machine very excited about playing a song. In the demo it has more of a smoothed-out R&B vibe. But live it reminded me more of the feel and energy of ‘Remedy’ by The Black Crowes, which I totally dig.

After we played it we had quite a few people ask if there is a recording of the song that they could get. There is. I’ve posted bits and pieces of the demo before but here’s the whole thing. I hope to start working on a legitimate recording of this very soon.

I Want to Know Christ (demo)

These lyrics are all taken from Philippians 3.


June 10th, 2007 |

I am convinced that I could eat an entire box of Jello Pudding Pops in one sitting. Especially the vanilla ones.

Photo by Gustave

June 9th, 2007 |

Christopher Gustave

Christopher Gustave

Christopher Gustave

Christopher Gustave

Christopher Gustave

Christopher Gustave

I think that should cover the most prominent places Gustave can be found online.

I found this picture on one of his photography pages. This happens to be my favorite picture of me and Chris took it. Not too long after I met Chris he asked if he could make a poster for a Drew Johnson Band show. Of course I said yes. My Kinko’s creations were nothing short of genius but…So this was the picture Chris used on the first poster he did for us. I don’t know where it was taken but it makes me look much cooler than I am. This was taken long before Invention of the Wheel was ever conceived. The text has since been added.

Win A Date With Drew

June 7th, 2007 |

You can win a date with me for only $35. I guess it would actually be $70 if you plan to go along. Here’s how to win. Buy two tickets to the Jonny Lang concert at The Pageant for next Thursday. Pick me up before the show. I promise to only talk about myself all the way there and I also promise to completely ignore you during the show. After the show you will get to hear me go into a fit of self-loathing and threaten to never play music again as I become enraged with envy of Lang’s talent. OK so hurry then. Tickets are going fast. This is a rare chance to see one of the greatest living vocalists in person. And you get to see Jonny Lang to boot.

Back In Business

June 4th, 2007 |

See that box? Inside that box is happiness. Legal happiness. Sonar 6 Producer Edition

Three and a half months ago my computer died. A month after that I vowed not to install the pirated software I’d been using for years. Today my studio is officially back in business and significantly upgraded. Thank you Lord for your providence.

I haven’t installed any new recording software that I actually paid for since 2000 I would guess. It feels really good. This program is so much more gigantic than what I had before. It’s going to take me a while to make sense of it all but it’s going to be so awesome when I do. I’m very pleased right now.

Here is a picture of Riley from tonight. This was approximately 24 hours after the face-planting incident.

Why We Don’t Run In Church

June 3rd, 2007 |

Riley busted his mouth on one of the pews at church tonight. He’s got a gigantic gash inside his bottom lip. As soon as he heals up I’m going to beat him for running in church.

Picture 1

Picture 2 (blurry)

Edirol PCR-M80

June 2nd, 2007 |

Old webcam.

New keyboard.

Sgt. Pepper

June 1st, 2007 |

I dug out my copy of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band tonight. It’s playing right now. Everyone who is able to locate your copy in under twenty seconds, high five or whatever. Today is the fortieth anniversary of its release. If you have any form of media outlet in your house you’re already aware of this fact I’m sure.

I think it was Tarantino who suggested that there are two kinds of people in the world, Beatles people and Elvis people. I sort of agree except I prefer to say that the two types of people are Beatles people and Communists. I’m a Beatles person. My wife is also a Beatles person though she is a communist sympathizer.

People who were old enough to appreciate music in and live through the 60s are incredibly fortunate people, save the whole Vietnam thing. The Beatles, Hendrix, Coltrane, and The Zombies (I am fully aware that this list goes on indefinitely) all did their greatest work in the 60s. My favorite album of all time (Spilt Milk – Jellyfish) sounds like it was written in the 60s even though it was made in 1993. I believe that anyone who is interested in learning how to write great Pop music should start in the 60s.

A couple of weeks ago at my worship band’s practice, my cousin Jake, who is 18 and plays electric guitar, made the statement that he didn’t think he’d ever heard The Beatles before. Now Angel would claim that anyone with ears who has been on planet Earth for more than three months has heard The Beatles. She’s probably right. The point is not really whether or not Jake had heard The Beatles but that he didn’t know if he had. I actually found this rather exciting because I made a very similar statement in my first sax lesson in college.

Paul DeMarinis

Paul DeMarinis is one of the most renown Jazz educators and saxophone teachers in the country. In my first lesson with him he was wanting to learn about my playing background and what I had been listening to. He asked how much Coltrane I knew. At that time I didn’t even know what instrument Coltrane played. This is like being a wife-beating drunk and not knowing what NASCAR is. I was incredibly embarrassed but Paul was ecstatic. He knew there was an entire world of saxophone incredibleness that I had never even heard. [Incidentally – Coltrane died only a month and a half after The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s]

That is why I thought it was so cool that Jake had never heard The Beatles. Some of the greatest popular songwriting in history is there for him to discover. His brain is going to explode. Like mine is doing now as “She’s Leaving Home” is playing.

That reminds me, check out this version of that very song. This is stunning. Vic (a regular reader of my blog) turned me on to this and I’m so glad he did.