Going to Memphis – Coming Soon

January 6th, 2008 |

The next song that will be completed for my new album is a song called ‘Going to Memphis’. I plan to post it here within the next week or so. I’ve got everything tracked and mixed to my liking for now but I’d like to spend a couple of days piddling around with some overdubs. I can’t say that I know what the overdubs will be exactly. I don’t really even have any more ideas but I’ll probably just wing it and see if anything cool happens. So stay tuned. I’m really pleased with how this song has come together.

I’ve Got Yer MOTU Right Here

January 5th, 2008 |

My MOTU Symphonic Instrument software showed up on my doorstep Thursday afternoon. I spent the entire evening and a smidge into the next morning trying to get it to work. That was fun.

Here is some valuable advise when researching any software you may be considering purchasing. Don’t just read the professional reviewers, read the user forums too. Read all the average Joe reviewers who say that this software is total garbage and the tech support is abysmal. I encourage you to do this because I didn’t.

For me to say that the audio demos on the MOTU site sound better than the actual product would be a gross understatement. Some of these tones sound so Radio-Shack-Casioesque that it would be laughable had I not spent $300 on them.

But wait, there’s more. As I’ve already mentioned, it doesn’t work. I spent hours updating drivers, re-booting, applying patches, re-booting, uninstalling, re-booting, downloading, tech-support beseeching, and re-booting. I even drank half a gallon of anti-freeze just to bring some joy to the whole experience.

To say that it doesn’t work is actually a bit untrue. It does work as a stand-alone application. It just doesn’t work as a plug-in. Which was the purpose of the purchase.

I am a persistent little elf so through great trial and incessant error I did find a way to make it function with the computer equivalent of duct tape and dry wall mud—OK I don’t even know what that means but whatever, I got it to work in an extremely unorthodox fashion involving Angel’s PC as a make-shift sequencer, cabling across my basement, and some general buffoonery. And all of this because software is nonreturnable after it’s been opened. Brilliant!

There is an upside however. While some of the sounds are quite grotesque, the majority of them are rather convincing with a little squinting and reverb.

Story #2

Angel, Riley, and I went to the mall today. We never go to the mall but we had good reason. Angel had some gift certificates to spend that she received as gifts for Christmas. We went to Macy’s and found a great deal on some Christian Dior perfume that I love. The price was $89 but it had a 50% off sale sign sitting right on top of it. Perfect! Angel had a $50 gift certificate to the mall and a $25 gift certificate to Macy’s.

When we got the the counter to pay, the lady swiped both cards and asked how we wanted to pay for the remaining balance. Remaining balance?!? What remaining balance? We told her about the 50% off sign perched atop the very box that we brought to the counter. “That sign was for the blah blah blah words words words”. Nice! So she terminated the transaction. I said “Those gift cards will still have the money on them right? Even after you swiped them?” She assured us that since the transaction never was completed our money was most certainly still there. Fine.

So we browsed and browsed and browsed and browsed until Angel saw that Bath and Body Works was having a huge half-off sale on all their smellies and such. Right on. Fill ‘er up ma’am. We walked around sniffing everything in site as Angel piled bottle after bottle into her bag.

By this time Riley was getting rather bored and cranky. Which means that Angel and I were becoming exponentially more so.

We finally made it to the check out counter only to learn that “I’m sorry but this gift certificate has a zero balance.” We were directed to the mall’s customer service desk to have them solve the problem. We sighed and rolled our eyes repeatedly, in a very Christ-like manner of course.

At the customer service counter we were informed that Angel’s $50 gift card was indeed safe and sound, however, she would have to wait five to seven business days for the money to show up on the card again. We went home giftless.

And lastly…

Does anybody remember the awesome video game called PaRappa the Rapper. Yeah me too. High five! For those of you who don’t, this first video is of some actual game play. Check it out for a second.

Now check this out. This is some dudes doing a live version of this particular level. This is brilliant.