Missing Camera

May 28th, 2008 |

Around Mother’s Day our camera went missing. Around yesterday afternoon it turned up in one of Riley’s many backpacks. I know. Your guess is as good as mine.

To celebrate its return I thought I’d post a few of the pictures that returned with the camera.

We have a lot of these.

This one was taken at the Shriner’s Circus just after watching some bears ride bicycles. Possibly the most awesome thing ever.

This is a cake Angel had her friend Missy (our own personal Ace of Cakes) make for me on our anniversary. For more info on the theme of the blue turtles read this post.

There’s an interesting story that goes along with this next picture. The boat that Riley is in is a boat that my folks bought when I was probably thirteen years old, so that would be about ten years ago. This boat has been sitting unused in my garage for about the last fifteen years. I figured that Riley was about at that age where a boy should learn to fish, so a few weeks ago I dug it out and got it all cleaned up.

I don’t have a truck to haul the thing in anymore but I do have a super tough and cool Escort wagon with a luggage rack so I figured that would have to do. On this particular Saturday morning I heaved the boat up onto the car and tied it vehemently and redundantly to the car. This took a long time. A long time. Then I loaded up all of my fishing gear (that I’ve owned since I was a kid which now smells like fifteen years in a garage) and all of Riley’s fishing gear (that smells like Wal Mart) and we headed to the lake.

After arriving at the lake I had to repeat the boat tying routine in reverse. This took a long time. A long time. Then we had to wait for a few guys to load out their huge boats at the boat ramp before I could drag our boat into the water by hand. Then I took a few pictures. Then we finally pushed off for our first father and son bonding/fishing adventure. I was very excited.

When we had pulled about ten feet past the boat dock my phone rang. It was Angel. She needed to know if I had left her the key to the Neon, our other car, because she had an eye doctor appointment in forty-five minutes.

I should mention here that we only have one key to the Neon and it’s on my key ring. Of course we have two keys to the Escort so it never dawned on me to take Angel’s keys and leave her mine when we went fishing.

So our first fishing trip lasted from the boat ramp to the end of the dock before I had to load the boat back onto the car (did I mention how long that takes) and go straight back home to take Angel the key to the Neon.

By the time we got home I was so frustrated that we just decided to stay home and try fishing some other day.

One Way Home – Intro

May 27th, 2008 |

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any new music but it’s not for lack of new music, it’s for lack of anything-close-to-done music.  I had this short little mp3 sitting on my desktop so I thought I’d throw it up here and let you hear a wee bit of what’s going around here.

This is the very tentative intro to one of the new tunes I’m working on. There is a vocal that goes with this but I’ll spare you that for now. This song is called One Way Home and will probably not even remotely resemble this when it’s all said and done, though I do kinda like it like this for now.

Check it out.

Koffterweid – Wilson In Your Travels

May 26th, 2008 |

I was going through some boxes of old cassette tapes in my basement this weekend and came across a few un-marked DAT tapes. I was extremely curious to find out what was on the tapes so I dug out and dusted off my DAT machine. One of the tapes was the master of an album I did with the band Koffterweid called ‘Wilson In Your Travels.’

I’ve posted another Koffterweid album before called ‘Without Benefit Of Clergy‘ that was basically a recording project I did with Kristopher Curtis. ‘Wilson In Your Travels’ pre-dates that record by about a year or so and was recorded when Koffterweid was actually a full band.

I haven’t taken the time to rip all of the songs but I thought it might be interesting to at least post a couple of them. This was recorded right here in my basement on a 4-track cassette recorder around 1996 I think. It features Kristopher Curtis on bass and Darren Cuppett on drums who had only been playing drums for a few months at the time. The first song is called ‘We’ll Be Famous’ and ended up being a staple in the set list of The Drew Johnson Band.

The second song is called ‘Enough Son’ and was part of what ended up being a trilogy of songs about my break-up with Angel in November of 1995. The other two songs were ’11/95′ and ‘The Ballad Of War’s End’ from The Drew Johnson Band’s album ‘Invention of the Wheel‘.

If you’re interested in seeing some live footage of this band you can find it here.

Click here to download We’ll Be Famous.

Click here to download Enough Son.

Angel’s Dad

May 22nd, 2008 |

I had an incredibly bizarre experience today. I saw Angel’s dad for the first time – on My Space of all places. How strange is that?  I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t what I expected. Angel has only met her dad once and that was when she was fifteen years old. I guess there’s really no reason to go into any more detail than that. I don’t even know what to write about it other than I just thought it was worth mentioning. Weird.

The G chord debacle from my last post has been fixed. One bar down, one hundred nineteen to go.


May 20th, 2008 |

I haven’t had time to write anything lately because I’ve been spending about nine hours a day trying to figure out how to make myself not hate my newest song. There are four beats in the middle of the chorus that are killing the entire thing for me and I can’t seem to fix them. It’s a G chord! A G chord! What did I ever do to a G chord? How can four beats of a G chord ruin music forever? G chords are stupid. Music is stupid.

More and more I wish I had a band again. Writing, recording, and playing an entire album all by yourself is an incredibly tedious and overwhelming undertaking. A song that would most likely take about four rehearsals for a band to perfect takes me about four months.

Writing the song itself is hard enough but then you have to write the drum part. Then you have to program it. Then you have to write the bass part. Then you have to learn to play bass. Then learn have to learn to play the bass part. Then you write the organ part. Then you have to learn to play the organ. Then you have to buy some better software than you already have that might actually sound like a real organ. Then you have to learn to play the organ part. Then you have to write the acoustic guitar part. Then you record the acoustic guitar part and realize that it sounds like garbage because your strings are eighteen months old. Then you buy new strings and remember that new strings sound like shiny plastic garbage on your particular guitar so you have to wear them in for two weeks before they sound right. Then you record the acoustic part again. Then you write the electric guitar part. Then you try to record the electric guitar part and realize that your Telecaster sounds like garbage because you haven’t had it set up in about two years. Then you take it to the shop to have it adjusted. Then you try to record the electric guitar part and realize that this stupid G chord in the middle of the chorus is the devil because no matter how sweet your guitar sounds, that chord is just plain boring.

But maybe I’m just crabby.

10 Years And Counting

May 3rd, 2008 |

Yesterday was our ten year wedding anniversary. I’m very thankful to have a wife like Angel. She is by far the coolest girl I know. Looking back at our lives together is pretty amazing to me. To think that God brought together two rebellious kids in 1993 and then thirteen years later brought them both to salvation is just incredible.

To celebrate, we went to dinner at The Melting Pot which was by far the coolest dining experience I’ve ever had, not to mention the best food I’ve ever eaten. I had never been before but Angel had gone a few years ago for a Christmas party when she was working for It’s Just Lunch. She has been raving about it ever since and begged for us to go sometime. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally acquiesce. I’m glad I did.

After having dinner dressed in our Sunday best we walked up the street to a tattoo parlor and fulfilled a prophesy Angel had given on our honeymoon: she got a tattoo of a blue turtle. The blue turtle has kind of been the mysterious mascot of our marriage.

Without going into too much detail the story of the blue turtle is this. On the first night of our honeymoon in Palm Desert California we went to one of those restaurants where they have this huge outdoor deck overlooking a pond. In this pond lived, by my estimation, 99 percent of the worlds turtle population. That’s where the turtle theme began.

Later on that night we went to this club called the Blue Tattoo. It was one of those places where they fill up the dance floor with about three feet of soap suds. It was quite an unforgettable dancing/bathing experience. After leaving the club we passed some business that had a turtle on their logo, I think it was a bank or something like that. So Angel took a picture of the logo and said that on our ten year anniversary she was going to get a blue tattoo of a turtle.

That’s the Cliff’s Notes version because neither one of us can really remember the entire story leading up to the vow of the blue turtle.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone from last night.

So it’s settled. Angel is a prophet.

This is Angel’s third tattoo and from my experience with attending her tattooings I can now definitively say that tattoo artists have the worst taste in music of any race of people ever to exist. Good grief people! As if getting a tattoo isn’t annoying enough without having to endure one thrash/surf/poetry-reading song after another. Pfft!