The Quotable Johnsons

June 30th, 2009 |

Tonight Riley said “One time I tasted the bottom of my foot. It tasted like meat. That’s because we’re made out of meat.”

He also said “I’m half monkey and half mouse. That’s because I’m good at the monkey bars and I love cheese. But not string cheese. And I’m part funnest man in the world.”

Angel wrote a blog today that I think is hysterically funny. Go read it.

The In Betweens

June 15th, 2009 |

My brother Taylor recently started his own website called The In Betweens.  His idea is to have a bunch of different people tell interesting or funny stories from their life. He asked me if I would do an episode. I agreed.

I just finished it and I’m hoping he’ll think it’s good enough to use. Since I don’t think his site and my site share much of the same traffic I figured I’d go ahead and post it here.

My episode is the story of the most embarrassing event in my life.

Download the mp3 here.