My latest music project was just released today as a video on YouTube.

Here is the link.

Mask 2

This is the second film in a trilogy of films by my friend Jeff Koziatek. He contacted me around a year and a half or two years ago and asked if I would do the soundtrack to all three films. I very happily said yes.

Here is the link to the first film if you haven’t seen it.

Mask 1

Both of these soundtracks are very different from each other and they are both very different from anything I’ve ever done before.

Mask 2 is far and away the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on.

– It has just under a hundred tracks
– Almost all of the music is electronic music
– A significant percentage of my soundtrack is ambient and not actually music at all
– It has some sound design elements
– It has numerous cues that have to be emphasized by the music
– Each cue needs to be musical and sound effortless and not like it took me five weeks to make it sound natural even though it probably did

I really got into the music of Aphex Twin when I was working on this. This sounds absolutely nothing like Aphex Twin but he was definitely a big inspiration. If you haven’t checked out his music I highly recommend it.

Hope you like it.