The Day in Arkansas

August 24th, 2009 |

Last Saturday we did a down-and-back trip to Arkansas for me to play in the Satisrocktion music festival. The festival was in Mountain Home Arkansas right near Norfork Lake. Good grief that area was beautiful. Wowie zowie!

We had a great time. My cousin Marc was the organizer for the whole thing and he really did a great job. I usually only get to see Marc once or twice a year so it was nice to hang out for a bit and catch up.

My performance was serviceable at best. I hadn’t played a live show in a few years so I was a bit on the rusty side but Angel said I sounded great so I’ll take her word for it, even though she says that every time I play whether I actually sound great or not.

Angel took a bunch of really nice pictures throughout the day. The best ones were taken out the car window at 65 mph. Some were taken out the passenger window and some were taken out the driver’s side window while leaning over me and blocking my view of the road.

Here are the pictures that were taken from the moving car.

Obviously the next two were not taken from a moving car.

Here’s one from the performance.

This last one was taken that night after we got home. Now that Riley has a loft bed Lilly doesn’t get to sleep with him any more, at least until she learns to climb a ladder. So we let her and Riley fall asleep in our room until Angel and I were ready for bed. Angel came upstairs to check on them and here’s what she found.


August 21st, 2009 |

There is a song on my upcoming record called “Wait Child Wait” that desperately needs a Mellotron part in the chorus. The Mellotron is the keyboard heard in the intro to Strawberry Fields Forever and as luck would have it I don’t own one. Not only do I not own one I also don’t have anything that sounds even remotely similar in my collection of hundreds of keyboard patches.

Last night I went searching around the net to see if I could find anything affordable that might come at least close to emulating the Mellotron sound. After much searching through keyboard libraries that cost at least $150 I came across a Mellotron plug-in called Nanotron. And get this, it’s free.

After seeing that it was being offered for free I figured it would probably sound about as bad as all the other free libraries I’ve tried over the years. I was wrong. Very wrong. It sounds phenomenal. I can’t believe it.

I went and grabbed a MIDI version of Strawberry Fields and ran it through this thing and was left giggling with excitement.

Here’s a short mp3 of the intro played through the Nanotron.

I’m Not Dead Yet

August 18th, 2009 |

I keep telling myself I need to get back to blogging. Then myself always reminds myself that video games are a much more entertaining way to spend myself’s time.

My little gaming addiction has reared its ugly head over the past few months and it has (as it always does) gotten a wee bit out of control lately. With that said, if any of you happen to play Quake Live my in-game name is “DrewJohnson” (I’m so creative) so look me up and I’ll be happy to apply a rocket to your face.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I should have been blogging about over the past month.

– Riley took swimming lessons. He still doesn’t know how to swim.

– We’re remodeling our bathroom. That means everyone in the house is angry all the time.

– We bought one of these for Riley off of Craigslist for a tiny fraction of what they cost new.

– The money for recording the album is all gone. Nothing is finished.

– I wrote and arranged horn parts to two songs for Javier Mendoza‘s upcoming album.

– This Saturday I’ll be playing my first live show in probably three years. It’s the Satisrocktion festival in Arkansas.

That’s it for now. The basball game is about the start. I’m really going to try and get back to blogging regularly. Sorry for my lack of discipline.

Riley is Seven

July 16th, 2009 |

Yesterday was Riley’s seventh birthday. I can’t believe he’s made it this long.

My mom took us all to The Muny to see Godspell last night. It was really good. It had a rather messed up view of the biblical stories it was portraying but other than that it was rather entertaining.

Here’s a picture my mom took of Riley right outside The Muny.

Worship Leader

July 12th, 2009 |

Last Sunday was a pretty big milestone in my life. I was asked to be one of two worship leader’s at our church and last Sunday was my maiden voyage. Of course I was very excited to move into this position. Last Sunday and today both went pretty smooth so I’m very thankful for that.

Today after the service one of the boys in our church who I believe is about eight years old came up to me and handed me a picture he had drawn of me on the back of the bulletin. It’s awesome.


July 9th, 2009 |

OK who’s ready for another barf story?

A couple of nights ago I went to bed a bit earlier than usual so Angel stayed up messing around on her computer. Lilly was laying in the bed when I got there so I let her stay. A few minutes after I turned off the light she started heaving like she was trying to throw up. So I jumped up, turned the light on and began violently coaxing her off the bed.

Removing a one hundred twenty pound dog from the bed is no walk in the park. Especially one who is currently kind of in the middle of something. So she heaved and I heaved and she heaved and I heaved until I finally got her onto the floor. As soon as her feet hit the carpet she birthed an alien right out of her mouth before my very eyes.

I stood there stunned at the sight of it. Then I ran to the top of the basement step and called down to Angel “Uhhhh, you’re gonna wanna come see this.”

Angel is the designated barf cleaner upper so she reluctantly came upstairs to see the new addition to our family.

She walked into the bedroom and instead of naming the little one like I had expected, she said “What is that?” I was hoping she could tell me.

So she grabbed a bunch of paper towels and picked up the thing to examine it and see if it would cry. Upon closer inspection she said “Well, let’s see, there’s a rubber-band, a tampon applicator, a pantiliner, a Pudding Pop wrapper, some hair and some of the grilled chicken we had for dinner.”

I’ll take the credit for the chicken but everything else came from the little trash can we keep in the bathroom.

We have a very smart dog.

Lilly feels much better now.

The Quotable Johnsons

June 30th, 2009 |

Tonight Riley said “One time I tasted the bottom of my foot. It tasted like meat. That’s because we’re made out of meat.”

He also said “I’m half monkey and half mouse. That’s because I’m good at the monkey bars and I love cheese. But not string cheese. And I’m part funnest man in the world.”

Angel wrote a blog today that I think is hysterically funny. Go read it.

The In Betweens

June 15th, 2009 |

My brother Taylor recently started his own website called The In Betweens.  His idea is to have a bunch of different people tell interesting or funny stories from their life. He asked me if I would do an episode. I agreed.

I just finished it and I’m hoping he’ll think it’s good enough to use. Since I don’t think his site and my site share much of the same traffic I figured I’d go ahead and post it here.

My episode is the story of the most embarrassing event in my life.

Download the mp3 here.


May 30th, 2009 |

Did anybody know that people of earth still bowl? Yeah, me either. I haven’t been bowling since I was a wee little pup. We had fun. My legs are killing me and I can’t move my right wrist but other than that it was perfectly enjoyable. Here’s what bowling looks like in case you don’t remember.

Angel in her brand new glasses.

The totals.

I am particularly interested in this last picture because I never knew that I had lips on the back of my head.

Beat Box Girl

May 22nd, 2009 |

If you happen to own a copy of the Internet you’ve probably already heard this but if you don’t, check it out. This blows my mind.